Arte Publiku Festival - Arte Moris, jusqu'au 31 août

The Arte Publiku! Festival is happening and you can play a part!
Live from Arte Publiku Festival – Timor-Leste’s first public art festival
Arte Publiku is a buzz with action. In Dili, over 250 artists from Dili and the districts of Timor-Leste, and Indonesia, Australia, America, Brazil, Germany, Portugal, Chile and Japan are currently busy working away preparing for the festival's official opening in Largo de Lecidere on Friday.  Drums are being drummed, art work is evolving, dance and theater performances created, and sculptures and stages are being constructed in the festival site at Largo de Lecidere. Most importantly new ideas and collaborations are blossoming. 
Art takes over Largo de Lecidere from the 29th to  the 31st of August, however, workshops for artists, exhibitions and book launches for the public have been keeping Dili busy all week. To make sure you don’t miss out on anything a full program of the festival can be found at and regular updates and photos of the festival can be found at our Facebook page
To make this all happen, alongside our amazing sponsors, we have been running a crowdfunding campaign. We are close to meeting the targeted US$15,000, but are not quite there yet and need your support!
Arte Publiku Pozible Campaign
There are amazing rewards on offer including original artwork, postcards and for those in Dili, Festival art walks of the exhibition site.  Please support by pledging to the campaign or sharing with your networks. The crowd funding campaign will be closing on the 29th of August at 10.49am Timor Leste time.
Get your art on and come down to Largo de Lecidere from Friday 10am. See website for full details Arte Publiku Festival

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