Livre : A diferença entre os iguais

A new book about East Timor has just arrived in Dili. “A diferença entre os iguais” (The difference among the equals) by Alessandro Boarccaech (psychologist, semiotician and PhD in anthropology), is an anthropological research study made on Ataúro Island about the relationship between Catholicism and the practices of cult to the forefathers and to the spirits of nature. The book is divided into four chapters where the political, hierarchical and economic dynamics, marriage arrangements, and the meaning of conversion, are analyzed through the lens of religion. In the last section, the book includes a Hresuk-Portuguese dictionary, an attempt to preserve this oral form of communication.

Title: A diferenca entre os iguais
Author: Alessandro Boarccaech
Language: Portuguese
Number of pages: 318
Editora Porto de Ideias - Sao Paulo/Brazil

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